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4 signs you need to renovate your commercial space

All interiors, whether residential or commercial, will at some point need some kind of refurbishment. And as a small business owner it can be all too easy to put off renovating your commercial space. Whether that's due to money related reasons, or feeling that the timing isn't right, or that you just don't actually have the time to even think about how you go about renovating.

So if you need that extra push that now is a better time than any, here's four (very valid) signs that you need to renovate your commercial space.

There's new local competition - and their commercial space is much more inviting than yours.

If you're a cafe or restaurant owner, does your new competitor have more comfortable seating than your own business? If you're a retail shop, does your competition have a better interior layout with the customer's experience in mind, or better display shelves for products? Or is it curb appeal, and your competitor's shopfront holds more presence on the high street and is more inviting to your customers?

It's often said that having similar businesses in an area can actually be good for your own independent business, bringing more footfall and traffic i.e. ideal customers to your area. But you want to make sure that you're always first choice!

Aspects of your independent business' interior are worn out and in need of a major refresh.

So leading on from new competition arriving in your area, have they now made your commercial space appear tired-looking in comparison?

Even a well-established and successful business can start to look worn over time such as aspects of the interior getting damaged gradually over constant use. There's definitely a fine line between a naturally well-worn looking interior and a commercial space that just looks in desperate need of a renovation.

Your business type and general brand aesthetic will determine how easily or how long your independent business can get away with a worn looking interior. For some business types it can add character or 'charm' to a space. In other instances it might put people off from visiting (or doing the dreaded step in and step out of your commercial space).

The day to day functionality of your commercial space needs improving.

Perhaps your customers or ideal client has changed as your small business has developed, or maybe you're looking to further expand your business offering to reach new and more customers. Businesses evolve over time, and your physical space will do the same - read, should do the same.

Maybe you've learnt through using your commercial space everyday that the layout no longer works for your business or there's ways you know renovating can help improve staff efficiency and/or happiness. You want your interior to optimise, not hinder, your business.

It could be something relatively straightforward like rearranging tables in your cafe or restaurant, or something more intensive like adding/removing walls to improve the structural layout.

Customer feedback is giving your independent business clear instructions on how you can renovate.

Google reviews, Tripadvisor reviews, a customer has directly told you that something wasn't quite right for them! Interior styles are very much subjective, but if you're getting repetitive feedback on your bricks and mortar business like it's feeling too cramped, the lighting is too bright and feels sterile, or the space is too noisy and echoey these are all clear ways that you can update and improve your commercial space for your customers.

If you're currently feeling like your commercial space isn't quite working for your small business, but can't quite pin-point what it is that would truly make it better, get proactive and get customers to fill out a feedback form.

Whether a paper or online form, you can encourage (honest) feedback from customers with a prize incentive of a free bottle of wine in your restaurant, or your most popular item in your retail shop, or a discounted stay at your boutique hotel, as a to find out how you can renovate your commercial space to benefit your customers and ultimately your small business.


Has today's blog post has got you itching to give your bricks and mortar business a bit of an update? You can check out this blog post on how you can renovate your commercial space on a budget. Renovating your commercial space doesn't have to set you back financially, it should aim to attract and retain customers and ultimately bring more money into your business.

And if you're looking to renovate your commercial space, let's work together! You can find out more about how Studio SK can transform the interior of your independent business.


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