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Interior design inspiration: tiled table tops

Having tiled table tops in your space can be utilised by all kinds of businesses, whether you have a cafe, a retail shop, your workplace, a hotel etc. What's great is that you can now buy them online from brands or individual makers on Etsy; some contract furniture suppliers can create custom tiled table tops; you could even give it a go yourself (if it's just for one table ideally) as there's plenty of online DIY tutorials for you to watch.

Keeping scrolling for your visual pleasure and to find out how you could incorporate tiled table tops into your own commercial interior design scheme.


Taking things nice and easy with white tiles to begin. You can keep it looking classic with a dark grout, or add a bit of playfulness to your tables with a coloured grout as shown here. This would look great in a cafe or casual dining space.


Using colour tiles in your table tops could be a way of adding another colour to your material palette. You can use a single colour as shown here, or you could explore creating a pattern with multiple colours if this is works for your brand and/or interior scheme.


You don't have to be limited to right-angled tiles or straight edged tables, the curve of these scallop tiles works so well with the round table top. You can also make your dining furniture look more luxe with a polished metal trim, ideal in a restaurant or bar.


Patterned tiles don't have to be restricted to feature floor areas or walls! Using patterned tiles in a table top is great way to add a pattern to your space without having to commit to an intense wall/floor full of them. It's also a budget-friendly way to make a feature in your interior without spending lots on patterned tiles - hello snazzy office coffee table!


Mosaic tiles, but make it fashion. You can make a real statement with small mosaic-style tiles, even mixing up different shapes as shown here. Hexagon and penny mosaic tiles are a popular choice on table tops at the moment.


If you're not too keen on patterned tiles or they're not suitable for your design concept you

can still create a beautiful tiled table top by using plain tiles in an interesting layout pattern. Like this elegant herringbone pattern.

Okay, I'm going to round up this post with a few tips if you're using tiles in your table top(s):

1. Make sure that they aren't porous. In other words, if a liquid of any kind was to be on the surface you don't want your tiles to absorb it. This is especially important in F&B spaces where some drinks or food might stain the tiles, and also for food hygiene standards. The tile supplier should be able to provide you with all the relevant information on this.

2. Try and opt for a tile spec that doesn't scratch or show scuff marks too easily - particularly if the tables are in a high-use environment. This is where getting a sample and seeing the tile in real life is great for you to do some testing on, and to check you're definitely happy with the colour. Sometimes the colour or finish of the tile can be very different to how it looks online, this sadly happens more than you might think!


If you want more inspiration you can have a look through my Tile Table Top Inspo board on Pinterest, and I'll continue to update over time.

(Cover image: Jonas Jacobsson via Unsplash. All other images sourced via Pinterest.)

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Unknown member
Oct 15, 2020

Such lovely inspiration! Such a good idea to create a unique table!

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